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About us

We are young organization but our professionals are with extensive experience in the sale of lubricants and greases. Our team members have 15 – 25 years of experience in this field, which is an invaluable advantage in finding the right lubricant or oil for everyone's needs, or solving a problem with a customer in a complex production equipment or complicated application.

Since 2019, UAB OILITECHA is the only official representative of Petronas in Lithuania. We, in cooperation with PLI (Petronas Lubricant International), offer the highest quality lubricants and process fluids for various segments and industries, as well as offer oil analysis and consulting together with the PLI technical support team.

Since end of 2019 our offer has been supplemented by another the fastest growing independent oil blender AZTEC OIL LTD from UK.  We became exclusive distributor of AZTEC lubricants for Lithuania. AZTEC OILS Ltd. is a leader in the UK and Irish markets, with an oil plant in central Derby. The market development to Europe, Scandinavian and CIS countries AZTEC decided to carry out via opening of a distribution warehouse in Lithuania. The new establishment has full choice of  lubricants in a new warehouse and it is the main reason we can deliver our customers what ever their ordred the same or next day.

Our professional approach to customers problems solving and relationship building via know-how deserved us recognition from a world leader in specialty lubrication KLÜBER. Since mid of 2020 OILITECHA can help our customers to resolve most complicated lubrication puzzles by supplying KLÜBER specialties.

Almost at the same time we began to work with another special lubricants manufacturer OKS from Germany. The piece of art formulation technology oils, greases and dry lubricants will help to solve the lubricity issues where no single competitor does.

Our portfolio is a very dynamic and always in shaping to fulfill applications niches. OILITECHA would like to be a technical partner who will offer all lubrication means in order your business to run safely, long-term and with the optimized costs.