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Tribology starts here

From 2020 OILITECHA started working with the innovative special lubricants manufacturer KLÜBER LUBRICATION. Such a step by a global lubricants leader is a recognition of the professional skills and working methods of our consultants. This motivates us to be even closer to our customers.

KLÜBER has individual solutions for each industry. Every industry sector requires lubricants to meet their and each equipment manufacturer’s requirements for long-term and safe operation. Most lubricant blenders strive to meet industry standards. KLÜBER works individually with each device manufacturer to ensure that the specific device operates for the longest possible time and safety and a quality is much above standards. 

Special lubricants for each component of the equipment are the secret of KLÜBER's success. Almost all mechanisms are complex: different bearings, gears, chains, valves, bolts and different types of guides. The lubricants used must meet the requirements for the individual components as a whole. Only individually selected lubricants can ensure proper operation of the entire system.

To properly select lubricants according to the operating conditions of the equipment, contact our specialist  or tel. No. +370 68751234

More information about KLÜBER products can be found on the manufacturer's website.