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Lubrication experts

OILITECHA's treasury of knowledgeOILITECHA's treasury of knowledge consists of technicians who improve their knowledge of tribology and implement solutions for more than 20 years. It comes also from professionals who work in the laboratories and innovation centers of our lubricant manufacturers. We see each problem as a challenge, the solution of which will strengthen our realationship with the client.

Typically, equipment using lubricants in a single industrial complex can be divided into several groups according to its importance to the continuous production process.

  • Continuous production, or critical, the failure or shutdown of which is costly to service due to the breaks of the production process
  • Functional, which is important in the production process, but can be temporarily suspended for service, with minimal impact on the entire production
  • Suplementary, which does not have a significant impact on the production process or duplicated equipment.

It is the selection of lubricants and lubrication modes for a critical group of equipment that requires special attention and the assistance of lubrication engineers. Here, the "savings" of buying cheaper and standard lubricants can have a costly effect on a company's profits due to production disruptions.

Standard or economical products can be selected for functional and suplementary equipment, depending on the importance of the equipment, age and other parameters.


  • Technical consulting and training in the fields of lubrication, industrila standards, lubrication management. We will help solve the most difficult lubrication problem. If necessary, we will even create a new product if necessary.
  • Equipment lubrication management audit and recommendations. We will make a register of equipment requiring lubrication, application modes and optimize the range of products: the right product, for proper equipment, with the calculated frequency. Proper management avoids errors, uses less lubrivants and, consequently, reduces costs.
  • Tests on lubricants and technical fluids according to standard test kits as well as optional. Only through constant testing can the life of oils be extended several times and the costs associated with purchasing a product or stopping production for maintanance can be significantly reduced.
  • Oil filtration with a mobile filtration system. Additional filtration of 2-5µm, combined with an oil test, can significantly extend the service life of larger quantities of oil (for instance, hydraulic, turbine or gearbox).

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