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Your Professional Partner In Specialty Lubrication

We call it „One-Try Lubricants“ – once you try it, you'll never look for an alternative. Products are developed for professionals and help solve friction problems in simple and extremely complex mechanisms under any working conditions. The right product choice requires the advice of our trained lubricant specialists.

Tribology is the great passion of OSK. Since the establishment of the company in 1978, nothing has changed in this regard. Based on many years of experience, high-performance lubricants used for the maintenance or assembly of equipment are released to life only after being convinced of their exceptional quality and competitive advantage. All this is the result of the teamwork of technicians, laboratory technicians and manufacturers.

Industry, trade, production and processing companies value high product quality and reliability. The use of OSK lubrication means measures reduces friction problems safely and reliably, especially in critical areas, systems or equipment that are subject to particularly high loads or that operate in adverse environments. Reduced machine and system installation times and extended maintenance cycles significantly save costs, while leaving more time for other tasks.

The company is located in Maisache, near Munich, where there is a modern research and production base and a central logistics center.

Since 2003 OKS belongs to the Freudenberg Group, where it is integrated into the Freudenberg Chemical Specialties (FCS) subgroup.

More information about OKS products can be found on the manufacturer's website.

To properly select the OKS product according to the application, or to consult on the solution of the lubrication problem, contact our specialist  or tel. No. +370 62820949-active e-mail address