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Specialty Lubricants

Special greases and lubricants are used where standard ones do not solve friction and related problems. The range of these products is particularly wide and only a few major lubricants manufacturers can boast of meeting quality expectations.

KLUBER LUBRICATIONKLUBER LUBRICATION is the manufacturer that has a solution for every complex case. KLUBER products are benchmark examples to all other manufacturers of special products.

With its quality, protective properties and long change intervals, it has no equal. Lubricants from this manufacturer can only be selected after detailed consultation with our lubrication engineers.

General information on application areas, lots of interesting theoretical information by industry can be found on the official KLUBER LUBRICATION website.

OKSOKS is a manufacturer of specialty lubricants whose products are considered "problem solvers". If you choose the right product, you will not be disappointed and will not look for alternatives. "Right" is the key word because the range of products is wide and specialist advice is required.

General information and product descriptions can be found on the official website of OKS by clicking on this LINK.

To properly select lubricants or have questions, contact our specialist or tel. No. +370 68751234